Terms and Conditions

These are our Terms and Conditions. Although we don’t ask for a signature, on agreeing for us to make your cake, it will be deemed that the conditions are understood and accepted.

Payment Terms:

  • During this pandemic we are complying with government guidelines by not handling cash and ask that you cooperate in this repect.
  • Even under normal circumstances we encourage payment by bank transfer.
  • Deposits must be paid at point of ordering.
  • Final payment for wedding cakes must be made at least one week before the wedding day.
  • For smaller orders, the balance must be paid before delivery.
  • If full payment is not received and cleared, the cake will not be released.

Deposit and deposit refund policy:

We require a deposit for wedding cakes, other large cakes and for orders placed a long time in advance. The deposits are non-refundable. However, the amount paid can be credited towards an alternative cake unless specific ingredients or materials have already been purchased.

Postponements and Cancellations:

  • In the event of postponement, we will endevour to transfer the order if there is availability for the new date.
  • Cancellations must be made in writing, preferably by email.
  • We reserve the right to cancel the booking in unusual circumstances such as illness, injury or property damage.

any money previously taken will be refunded in full.


  • Although we’re happy to discuss designs on the phone, we ask that all requirements and special requests (ie special diets, cake size, flavour, message wording) are delivered in writing, either by email or text message.
  • In the case of images provided, we point out that many designs are subject to copyright, so can be used for inspiration only.
  • Though we aim for good colour match, we cannot guarentee for it to be perfect due to the limitations of matrials used and screen variations.
  • We reserve the right to make adaptions if necessary for the reasons above
  • It is your responsibility to read and thoroughly check the design summary and quotation.

Quality Products:

  • All cakes are made with the finest ingredients, from reputable suppliers. Only free range eggs bearing the Lion mark are used.
  • Each cake and decoration is individually made by hand. Every effort is made to ensure consistency, but small variations can be difficult to avoid, even with repeats designs.

Non-edible items:

  • Many cakes require the use of non-edible items (eg support dowells, wires in models, flower picks) These will be pointed out, but it is your responsibity to safely remove them.
  • Only edible colours and paints are used on the cakes

Allergies and Special Diets:

  • It is your responsibilty to bring special dietary needs to our attention at the point of order, so that we can discuss the level of sensitivity.
  • We cannot cater for serious allergies because we cannot provide an allergen free environment.
  • In most cases, however, it is sufficient to substitute special ingredients. In such cases the cakes are made separately from regular cakes to avoid cross contamination during production.
  • We can only be guided by the components listed on the packaging. We cannot be held responsible for unlisted trace elements.


  • Most of our cakes are collected, but delivery is available if booked in advance and is calculated on mileage for a round trip. Set-up time will also be calculated and charged for where appopriate.
  • Delivery is free within a 5 mile radius

Shelf life and Storage:

  • All cakes are freshly made to order. To be at their best they should be consumed within 2-3 days.
  • They are best stored in a cool room, away from damp or direct sunlight.
  • Avoid refigeration as condensation can cause colours to run and modelling to wilt.
  • The cakes are made with natural ingredients so don’t have the preservatives and longer shelf life of supermarket cakes. Although safe to eat after the 2-3 day recomendation, we cannot guarantee the quality.


  • On collection, storage recommendations, handling and transporting advice will be given.
  • The cake is in your care once it has left our premises. We cannot be held responsible for any damage occuring during transportation or once in place at the venue.

Privacy Policy:
Any inforamtion or personal images shared for design purposes wlll not be shared with anyone else and will be destroyed after cake collection.


  • If you are unhappy with your cake eg if there is a mistake; your product is faulty; if your product is damaged or, for any reason, unfit for the purpose, please make contact and return as soon as possible.
  • If, on inspection, there is found to be evidence of the pre-mentioned, the price of the product will be refunded in full.